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Need a free auto repair or brake inspection in Clearwater? Car just not sounding right? Need auto repair service in Clearwater or Largo, Florida? Well you have come to the right auto repair shop in Clearwater. Car components and care grow increasingly complex as new models come out year after year. This is why the auto mechanics we have on staff go through rigorous training and certification in order to provide you with the best auto service possible. Our selected auto technicians are ASE certified to work with brakes, steering, suspension & drive-trains, automatic transmissions, hybrid vehicles and much more. You can be sure we will get your auto repair or maintenance work done quickly and efficiently.

We value our customers and are committed to building lasting relationships. We service a lot of seniors and families on tight budgets and may offer FREE SHUTTLE SERVICE to limit any inconvenience. We can show you how to avoid dishonest repair shops and how to maintain your vehicle so that you don’t run into problems down the road. We can save you more money than other auto repair shop services by keeping our rates low. We want to earn your trust so that you will come back to us if need be in the future.

4 Auto tips for a safer travel experience

The last thing you want to worry about on a trip is if your vehicle is going to make it or not. While no one can guarantee a problem-free trip, there are things you can to do decrease the chance of having issues arise while on the road.

  • Check your belts and hoses before you go. Worn or cracked belts and hoses are much easier to replace before a long trip than during one.
  • Make sure your battery is charged. Bring a quick charger with you so you don’t get stranded and need a jump.
  • Top off your fluids levels. Making sure these are at their recommended levels will ensure one less potential issue.
  • Test your brakes. Finding out you need new brakes in the middle of a tense situation on the highway can be life-threatening. Don’t take a chance.

Auto Repair Services in Clearwater, Florida.